Here is the scoop. I am an SFC in the USAR. A former Security Manager for a Command and a Garrison. During my years as a Security Manager, I noticed that sometimes our Soldiers have questions, and when they ask someone, they get quoted some AR - Bla Bla Bla and told to look it up... At that point 87% lose interest. The problem with that is, when it comes down to SECURITY, we can't afford to lose interest...

Hence the birth of the


The purpose of this guide is to answer all your simple questions without quoting an outdated and complicated Army Regulation (AR), which would most likely lead to another AR, then back to the original AR in a different section that will only confuse you.

The bottom line is this- When it comes down to SECURITY, we cannot be confused. We must all be on the same page, willing to ask questions, and know exactly where to go to get the answers. Your first course of action is to ask your Security Manager. Always ask your Security Manager. I can not stress this enough. I will do my best to maintain this site with the most up to date information I can, however, it is your unit that dictates THEIR SOP. Most units go off of the AR, however some, add to it. It is your responsibility to know how your unit handles Security Procedures. As stated earlier, this is a Guide to get you on the right path. You can always email me or call me if you would like to talk to me.

My Mobile Number is (718) 924-3633

Your Security Manager should find the Reg (If he/she doesn't know it off te top of their head) and get you an answer. If you DO NOT want to call him/her, here is a wonderful Guide I developed to help educate us all.
This is what SETA (Security, Education, Training and Awareness) is all about!!!

This Security Guide provides convenient access to a wide range of security, counterintelligence, technical vulnerability, and employee assistance information. It is all quickly accessible by clicking with the left mouse button on the appropriate underlined text on the Home page. To sample the information available in this program, check out the Know-It-All's Security Quiz.

You may use this Guide like reference manual, looking up specific subjects of interest. Or you may read through parts of it like a book to increase your overall understanding of security and counterintelligence issues. If you are reading large sections of the program, you may find it easier to print out these sections and read the hard copy.

Please keep in mind that nothing beats AR. When it comes down to it AR is the only thing that matters. This guide is ONLY a guide to get you on the right path. I was contemplating puting a download button for AR's, but being a .COM, It thought that would not be health Security Practice.

You can always reference the Army Publication Directorate or ArmyPubs to get the hard proof you may want.

I know your excited...
Now let's get Educated!!!

Always contact your Units Security Manager (SM)
Call them Anytime! It is always better to be safe then sorry!!!

Always DOUBLE CHECK before you act by reading the most
Up-2-Date AR's DoD Guidance and MEMO's at...
the Army Publication Directorate or ArmyPubs