Employees' Guide to Security Responsibilities

AT LEVEL 1 Training

I have tried to put together some common answers for common questions this shop is continuing to receive. 
I have done my best to put together the following information below.  I searched our Network and used Google to find most of this.  I believe it to be up-to-date and accurate.
HOWEVER, I am no longer a full time SOLDIER/CIVILIAN here at the Command.  The NEW Command Security Manager/AGR is the Subject Matter Expert (SMO) for all information discussed in this email.
I recommend you contact Him/Her if you have any other questions. 

AT Level 1 Training is a yearly requirement.  It needs to be done EVERY January and the certificate needs to be given to the HHC Training NCO. 
The AT Level 1 training is conducted at https://atlevel1.dtic.mil/at/

It is MY RECOMMENDATION that ASIDE from the Yearly requirement, AT Level 1 Refresher training is conducted within 30 days of mission deployment. 
That is my recommendation. 
This is probably NOT your Units Policy, but I HIGHLEY RECOMMEND IT.


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Always contact your Units Security Manager (SM)
Call them Anytime! It is always better to be safe then sorry!!!

Always DOUBLE CHECK before you act by reading the most
Up-2-Date AR's DoD Guidance and MEMO's at...
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