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Who needs a Clearance?

Everyone in a Civil Affairs unit is required to have a SECRET Clearance at a MINIMUM!

Doesn’t matter if you are in Supply, Admin or on a CAT – YOU WILL HAVE A SECRET – It is POLICY!  If you cannot get a SECRET than you HAVE TO FIND ANOTHER UNIT.  That is just the way it is!


Who requires a TOP SECRET?
Here are the Requirements:

  1. If you work in the G2/S2
  2. You are a LTC or above (Though HIGHLEY recommended this is NOT Mandatory)
  3. You are a SFC or higher (Though HIGHLEY recommended this is NOT Mandatory)
  4. If you have ever had a TS you are required to maintain it.  That is something a lot of people do not know.  What that means is if back in 1998 you had a TS for whatever position you were in, you are REQUIRED to maintain that level of eligibility.  The policy states you are required to maintain the highest eligibility you have had. - Now I have hunted for this Policy, which leads me all the way to the USARC G2. This is not a "real" policy. This has been put out by the Higher Ups due to the increased deployments, the IRR Soldiers, and the need for particular MOS' (if you catch my drift).


How do I go about getting it or renewing it?

1st off – If you are renewing a Clearance, I was told, you cannot start the process until the month your clearance will expire.  If your clearance expires on 2011FEB22, you CAN NOT apply for a reinvestigation until 2011FEB01.  That is how it is supposed to be.  This is due to the work load of OPM and CCF. Now, what I have seen, are individuals putting in their investigations 2-3 months before expiration. This will boil down to your Security Manager, your Units policy, and if OPM want's to accept it.

If you need a Clearance contact your G2 and/or Security Manager (SM).  They will set you up.  They will go into his system and allow you access to the Wonderful, Time Intensive, glitchy program, OPM calls E-QIP!  You will then get an email from Your SM stating you have been granted access to the system.  At that point you will click on the link, log on, and start putting in all your data.  You will then, Validate it (On-Line, in the system), release it, we will review it.  If it’s good to go, you will come in and sign the signature pages, and get fingerprinted.
At that point if you already have the SAME ELIGIBILITY you are going for you will be carried in status.

IF your clearance had expired and you have NOT had a break in federal service of more than 2 Years AND you have no Significant DEROG, then your Clearance will be restored through the investigation and final adjudication process.

If you have had a break in Service of more than 24 months, and/or you have significant DEROG, and/or you are applying for a level of eligibility (ie you had/have a SECRET and now you are applying for a TS for the 1st time OR you are applying for a SECRET after never having a clearance) an Interim will be requested.  For a SECRET, the INTERIM is requested from USACAPOC, and USACAPOC has the authority to grant it – Relatively quickly.  If we are requesting an Interim TS, than we request it Through USACAPOC, and it will be pushed up further to the DA.  They are the only approving authorities for an Interim TS – this can take a while. 


How long does my Clearance last?

Great Question! 

As of NOW, a SECRET is good for 10 Years from the date your Investigation CLOSED.
As of NOW, a TOP SECRET is good for 5 Years from the date your Investigation CLOSED.
Note: it is the DATE the INVESTIGATION CLOSED NOT the DATE It was Finally ADJUDICATED.  If you don’t know the dates, check with your G2.  They will look it up and give it to you.
Now I said above “As of NOW”… I attended a conference hosted by the DoD.  They stated that they may be getting away from the 10 year 5 year rule.  They are moving to a system called Automated Record Checks (ARC).  They are thinking about Renewals every 5 years on a SECRET and every year for a TS.  They stated the Applicant will fill out a “Brief” questionnaire when the time comes and the ARC will run a quick scan to make sure no significant DEROG developed since the last check.  
This system HAS NOT TAKEN EFFECT AS OF YET!!!  And to be honest, I am not sure if it ever will. I am still waiting to hear what happens – but when I find out – you’ll find out – I promise.

I don't understand E-QIP?

OK! You should have been sent an email to get you started on EQIP. Perhaps it got lost in Cyberspace, or it enede up in your Junk Mail. Regardless, CLICK HERE - this is everything you need to know!!!

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Always contact your Units Security Manager (SM)
Call them Anytime! It is always better to be safe then sorry!!!

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